24-26 October 2016
African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
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Transportation accounts for a large proportion of infrastructure investment in most sub-Saharan countries. Nevertheless, the quality of roads and railroad networks still lags far behind much of the rest of the world and they are in serious need of improvement. Many roads remain unpaved and most rail lines are in poor repair and outdated. The road access rate in Africa is only 34%, compared with 50% in other parts of the developing world.

As Africa’s economies look to develop, it will be critical to create solid transport networks that span regions and the entire continent. Improved road and rail linkages between economic centres, resource-intensive export zones and the port linkages to the global economy will spur greater cross-border trade. There is a firm commitment from funding organisations and governments to develop transport infrastructure across sub-Saharan Africa and increasing attention now focuses on linking many of the transport corridors to create a more effective integrated transport network. Over the next decade, spending on the various transport sub-sectors is expected to continue growing, driven by the need to access the natural resources of the region and achieve the goals of economic development.

3rd Annual Connecting Africa: Transport Infrastructure will create a one stop shop for all stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on the challenges facing them and brainstorm innovative ideas by generating sustainable practices that are proven in the development of infrastructure across the world. This highly-interactive and information packed event will highlight case studies from some of the finest and at the same time provide an excellent networking platform for the public sectors, global professionals and industry leaders who are all directly involved with the growth and development of infrastructure, enabling Africa to take itself to the next stage of development.

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