6-8 November 2017
Cape Town , South Africa
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Currently, intra-regional trade in Africa accounts for a mere 13% of total commercial activity, compared to developing Asia, where this figure is 54%. Transport costs in African countries make up between 50% and 75% of retail price of goods. There is also a clear limitation on exports, especially in minerals from Africa to the rest of the world, due to serious road, rail and port constraints. However, through collaborative efforts between DFI’s, governments and the private sector, Africa is beginning to see a gradual and steady improvement in trade paths and transportation systems. Much more of this is needed. Despite the global economic climate, Africa’s growth and development trajectory remains positive with sub-Saharan Africa set to grow at more than 5%. Over the last decade the continent’s economic output has tripled while sub-Saharan Africa is set to grow at about 5% for the next 10 years, second only to emerging Asia as the fastest growing world region. However, Africa still suffers from a debilitating transportation infrastructure deficit.

This deficit is one of the key constraints to economic development on the continent. The benefits of a well-developed transport infrastructure cannot be overstated; it facilitates trade by cutting costs and lead times for goods and services; allowing it to reach market demands and enhance socio-economic growth. Investing in transport infrastructure will boost SA’s economy. If the South African government fast tracks its investment in transport infrastructure projects, it could help stimulate the economy in 2017 and 2018. In 2016, the government announced plans to spend R813 billion on infrastructure over three (3) years. If the government is serious about stimulating the economy, it is a must to fast track its investment in infrastructure, especially roads which are the most cost effective mode of inland transportation and the development of transport corridors”. African countries on the whole have been on a drive to boost infrastructure and road networks on the continent in 2017.

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